Ongoing Cloud Management services to support Salesforce CRM instance and integrations to provide new functionality and ensure adoption

Challenge: Required On-Going Support for CRM and Cast Iron Integrations

  • Apria needed on-going enhancements and break-fix for Coram's Salesforce implementation for their RPM and Sales Cloud
  • Required support for existing Cast Iron integration
  • Lacked integration between Patient Information Form (PIF) and Insurance Verification Form (ISV)
  • Insurance Verification Specialists need to be able to check for changes to a PIF when they may have an ISV in process
  • Lack of communication forces rework of the IVS member if they are unaware of edits to a PIF for work in progress on a IVF
  • If IVS members could be notified immediately of a PIF restart, then the IVS member can immediately look for updated information for processing the IVF saving time and effort

Solution: Appirio Cloud Management

  • Implemented pop-up notification when a PIF is restarted
  • IVS member receives this pop-up and email notification immediately when a PIF is restarted
  • The solution reuses the Salesforce Task reminder functionality
  • Functionality was implemented by using Salesforce Apex coding

Results: New Functionality Prevents Rework

  • Using the Task reminders as pop-ups has saved a lot of wasted time for IVFs
  • This functionality has received universal kudos from the IVS staff
  • Now users can know almost instantly that a PIF has changed and are able to make adjustment on the fly saving time and effort