Efficient sales lead management created by Sales Cloud and enables sales team to upsell customers and grant upgrades prior to ship’s departure to prevent unused inventory

Challenge: Efficient Sales Lead Management

  • Post booking Sales managers tasked with generating upgrade lead lists, a list of leads for distribution to the sales force to help fill seats, upsell existing customers.
  • Highly time dependent event lists need to be managed out, updated, and reassigned as information changes.

Solution: Sales Cloud,

  • Sales Cloud rollout, allows for the sales managers to quickly and effectively assign sales call lists (generated by Hyperion)
  • Each list has the ability to be filtered and sorted so that sales can prioritize follow-up calls and maximize post booking sales all within one page by maintaining the cabin sale data
  • Call list reporting provided for management—call/closing metrics

Results: No Unused Inventory

  • Ability to upsell customers based on availability prior to ship's departure
  • Generate upgrades to create brand loyalty