Kindred Healthcare

Mobile closed-loop marketing app built on provides dynamic content to patients and families while delivering high-tech, high-touch patient experience

Challenge: Provide Dynamic Content to Patients and Families

  • Paper brochures and flyers were not properly educating families and patients on after care facilities and therapy options
  • Needed a way for Clinical Liaisons (sales reps) to easily present content to doctors and patients in online or offline environments

Solution: Mobile Sales App Based on Salesforce Content

  • Native i/OS mobile app allows Clinical Liaisons to present Content to prospective patients using iPad
  • App built on provides closed loop marketing on Content, and real-time Content access for engagement with doctors and patients
  • Built in analytics to measure the impact of specific Content
  • Allows for real-time metrics on Content being delivered to field and end consumer

Results: High-Tech, High-Touch Patient Experience

  • Brand seen as providing high-tech, high-touch care
  • All content shared via iPad
  • Real-time visibility, closed-loop marketing
  • Allows large videos to be streamed from SFDC to the iPad was remarkable