Unified enterprise-wide CRM system with multi-threaded integration unifying data across SAP, Siebel and Salesforce for over 3,000 users

Challenge: Unified, Enterprise-wide CRM System

  • Unify customer information across Siebel, SAP and 24 business unit CRM systems
  • Enable all business units and geographies to share best practices, leads and tools
  • Give thousands of field employees access to CRM tools and data

Solution: Multi-Threaded Integration Unifying Customer Data Across SAP, Siebel and Salesforce

  • Built web services “listeners” to identify changes in SAP and Siebel, and a custom object for central Salesforce org to "see" changes
  • Built dataflow between SAP/Siebel via webMethods to update Account and User info in central Salesforce org
  • Delivered multi-threaded Salesforce-to-Salesforce integration, including load balancing to handle high transaction volumes to update business unit orgs

Results: 3,000+ Users Online in 6 Months

  • Completed Salesforce-to-Salesforce work across 24 orgs with base integration in less than 7 weeks
  • Architected system to handle high transaction volume updates (>10,000/hour)
  • Most extensive use of Salesforce-to-Salesforce by any single entity to date
  • Achieved widespread adoption thanks to early successes, flexibility and ease-of-use