Replaced manual system of sharing event details via spreadsheets for executives with an easy-to-use Google Calendar with Salesforce contacts brought together by CloudFactor

Challenge: Replace a Manual System of Sharing  Event Details for Motorola Executives Via Spreadsheets

  • Inefficient copy/paste from Salesforce to Excel
  • Multiple spreadsheets emailed out as events change
  • Spreadsheet format not available on mobile

Solution: Salesforce and Google, Brought Together by CloudFactor

  • Create events in an easy-to-use Google Calendar
  • Associate with Accounts and Contacts in Salesforce
  • Format that's easy to share with traveling executives, accessible on their mobile device

Results: Better Tracking of Meetings with Less Manual Work

  • Up-to-date meeting details always in the hands of Motorola Executives
  • No manual copy/paste or rework as events change
  • Meetings recorded in Salesforce, associated with right Contacts and Accounts