Agile, multi-year sales transformation driving operational global sales excellence for 3,000+ direct sales reps and 6,000+ partners

Challenge: Drive Sales Operations Excellence

  • Deliver SaaS-based solution ( and displace legacy IT Oracle On-Demand solution
  • More scalable solution for worldwide organization, including internal sales teams (3,300 Sales Cloud seats) and partners (6,000 PRM seats)
  • Data migrations and integrations with boundary IT legacy platforms, such as Siebel, eBI, MDM and subscription services

Solution: Agile Sales Transformation with Releases Every 4-6 Weeks

  • Programmatic alignment to form agile/scrum teams
  • Completed design/build using a sprint-based solution while in parallel addressing QA, Load & Performance and UAT testing
  • Worldwide coverage provided by on-shore/off-shore support model
  • NetApp took Appirio's advice to build Custom Visibility Solution using framework, in addition to some customizations around Forecasting and Opportunity Management
  • Cloud Management for ongoing cloud roadmap support and enhancements

Results: Agile Implementation Model = Success

  • Alignment with NetApp in agile/scrum fashion highlighted success of entire combined team
  • Collaboration with NetApp IT proved to be program delivery success factor
  • Late game Oracle delays swiftly handled thanks to agility of the implementation model, rebuild of front-end took a single day and complete code configurations were completed in 3 days