Huge savings in cost and efficiency enabled by Cast Iron integration between Salesforce and SAP, preventing disjointed systems and creating 360* view of the customer

Challenge: Connect Disjointed Systems Preventing 360View of Customer

  • SAP back office system used for order entry, fulfillment, pricing and inventory management
  • Salesforce CRM used for sales and marketing functions such as leads management and outbound email marketing and Salesforce Chatter is used for collaboration between sales and product management
  • Needed to integrate Materials (i.e. products and pricebooks), Customers and Orders and Shipments from SAP to Salesforce

Solution: Cast Iron Integration Between Salesforce CRM and SAP ERP

  • One time data migration and ongoing synchronization (using Cast Iron) between SFDC (CRM) and SAP (ERP) for Materials, Customers and Order Shipments
  • Ensured accurate data in Salesforce for products and pricebooks through automated updates with Material Master in SAP
  • Created and made viewable customer master data from within Salesforce
  • Enabled functionality so when a SalesRep creates a Quote in Salesforce, and it is converted to an Order in SAP, the Order is brought back to Salesforce and the system automatically communicates Order status, shipping and billing information to SalesRep and customers of the Order

Results: Huge Savings in Cost and Efficiency

  • Together with use of Salesforce Quote tool (with Apprio enhancements), Nikon will fully automate quote to order process that would result in immediate return of investment and cost saving of over hundreds of thousand dollars from the resulting process efficiencies
  • Nikon Instruments will be able to send outbound communications such as email updates or tracking information directly to the customer without human intervention; providing Sales Reps the same information, making them more productive