Automated patient-facing processes for over 10,000 therapists with mobile referral, time and treatment application built on

Challenge: Automate Patient-Facing Processes

  • Need to automate and track referrals and screening processes, and track therapist time
  • Looking for efficiency, reduced manual process on data entry, policy enforcement, and compliance with new healthcare regulations

Solution: Apps for Referral and Therapist Management

  • Multiple applications deployed on
  • Referral Management
  • Therapist Time-Tracking

Results: 10,000+ Therapists Served

  • Serves 10,000+ therapists nationwide
  • Visibility into top referral sources
  • Streamlined therapists' experience including mobile access for time-tracking and screening applications
  • Integrations to multiple proprietary hospital systems
  • Data for regulatory compliance collected without manual, paper-based processes