Online customer registration system developed with Sales Cloud, Customer Portal and decreased processing time from weeks to minutes

Challenge: Online Customer Registration System

  • TransUnion has a wide range of customers who furnish and purchase consumer information
  • Need an accessible system that allows potential customers to login and enter information about their company

Solution: Sales Cloud,, Customer Portal

  • Defined business processes and designed a fluid system using Salesforce
  • Integrated Salesforce Customer Portal for prospect applications
  • Built custom user interface using Visualforce to provide rich, fluid user experience
  • First custom integration between Salesforce and EchoSign

Results: Processing Time Decreased from Weeks to Minutes

  • The first processed document took a total of 55 minutes from beginning to end (including countersignatures, review, etc.) and was biometrically signed
  • Prior manual methods would take anywhere from two days to a week to process the applications