State-of-the-art retirement administration service center built on Service Cloud and Portal provides efficient and easy benefits administration to 270,000 members

Challenge: State-of-the-Art Retirement Administration Service Center

  • Deliver robust service experience to help employees transition to retirement
  • Provide plan members (employees, retirees, and their eligible family members) information needed to understand options, make informed decisions and effectively manage benefits
  • Legacy system had no process for effectively managing cases for member interactions
  • New solution needed to be scalable, reliable, able to be administered by the business and easily integrated with key internal data sources

Solution: University of California "At Your Service" Portal

  • Service Cloud Solution enables Customer Support Representatives to find members by defined criteria, view related member information, log and manage cases for those members, and solve problems on the spot or route cases to appropriate departments
  • Integrated data from multiple existing systems for a consolidated view of member data, and automated case handling instructions based on issues and the type of member

Results: Efficiently, Easily Manage 270,000+ Members

  • Population served includes ~54,000 retirees, ~32,000 former employees ~185,000 active UC employees systemwide
  • Overall productivity increased with ease and simplicity in accessing member records and the reduction in number of manual processes
  • Reporting integrity significantly increased by providing consistent process and consistent answers