University of Michigan

Upgraded messaging system from disparate platforms to comprehensive Google Apps suite for 130,000 users

Challenge: Upgrade Messaging System

  • Multiple legacy messaging systems, no cohesiveness
  • Source Systems were Cyrus (email), Microsoft Exchange, (email, calendar, contacts), Meeting Maker, Horde (contacts), Zimbra (mail, calendar, contacts)
  • Lacking collaboration
  • Required an option for self-migration

Solution: Comprehensive Google Apps Suite for 130,000+ Users

  • Provided consultative guidance, technical support and application development
  • Self-migration option
  • Appirio provided this option by using a combination of community and offshore-developed tools working in conjunction with University of Michigan developers
  • Requires no admin intervention after setup, over 10,000 users have self-migrated
  • UMICH elected for a phased rollout, in the end migration 130,518 students, alumni, faculty and staff to Google Apps

Results: Google Apps for Largest Higher Education Institution in the United States

  • Taking advantage of email, calendar, mobile access
  • Unprecedented collaboration with Google Docs, Sites and Videos